Sensient’s flavor trends become part of mainstream landscape

When we talk about “seeing the future,” it’s easy to think of fortune-tellers and crystal balls. They illustrate the art of forecasting, but what about the science? That’s often a matter of identifying how trends and tastes are merging, and then acting on that information.

Sensient has a long and successful history of such forecasting. How? By leveraging the skills of our flavor technologists— who have long had their finger on the pulse of the consumer marketplace. By drawing on research about consumer trends and desires, and then blending those with natural, organic ingredients and essences, we seamlessly merge our clients’ products with the changing consumer behavior in the marketplace. From ice creams to chicken flavors, to even hybrid beverages.

For instance, in 2013 the overarching desire was for heat — the hotter the better. So we brought ghost peppers forward. Infused into everything from vodka to mayonnaise, this “four alarm” taste found its way into many successful product launches and reinventions. And like so many of Sensient’s flavor innovations to capture market share, it has proven to have steady popularity, an expanding range of possibilities and enduring value for manufacturers.

Things were cooler in 2015, with the discovery and evolution of cascara tea. This innovative reuse of coffee berries after the beans are removed brought the hills of Bolivia to consumers worldwide, from customized lattes to bespoke sodas.

Our approach at Sensient is simple: consumer tastes shift and trends change, which requires that companies have the ability to predict, adapt and evolve. So, we:

  • Remember the successful flavors from years past.
  • Study current taste trends to see how desires evolve.
  • Take a bold stance to explore how past and present fuel the next taste.

At Sensient, we see the world as a boundless palette of flavors. We are drawn to create them, blend them and take them out of their “comfort zone” into entirely new formulations for flavor delivery. We are excited by the opportunity to re-imagine old favorites and introduce entirely new ones to our clients.

Please click here to see some of Sensient’s past flavors and how they have found their way into foods and beverages around the world, and then please contact us to set up a personalized presentation and product demo.