Seasonal, limited-time offers create excitement with dairy foods, beverages

You can set your watch by the appearance of McDonald’s Shamrock shake or Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte.

To quote Ecclesiastes (and The Byrds): “To every thing there is a season.” And these days, to every season there is a flavor.

A taste of the seasons

Dairy is a great platform from which to capitalize on seasonal offerings. One reason is that dairy’s base profile is both “very comforting to most consumers” and carries flavors well, said Matt Plaza, an applications technologist at Sensient Flavors, Hoffman Estates, Ill. Two upcoming flavors for spring are honeysuckle, which has a delicate and nectar-like flavor, and lemongrass, which has a “subtle similarity to lemon and citrus profiles,” Plaza said. “Seasonal flavors stand for more than just a specific time of year. They tell a story.”

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