Reimagining the opportunities with a classic — Soup

By Roger Lane

Reimagining the opportunities with a classic — Soup

Everything old is new again with soup, a go-to comfort food for millennia that’s seeing a strong revival as consumers reacquaint themselves with its many positives.

Soup taps into current market demands:

  • Healthy eating. Soup is an inexpensive option to introduce lower-calorie options into the diet alongside vegetables and minerals via different ingredient combinations.
  • International flair. Soup is a global dish, and adventurous Millennials and others enjoy trying the different tastes and textures it offers.
  • Convenience. Soup, particularly broth, is an easily packaged, affordable, “grab and go” dietary option.

Consumers want to feel good about what they eat, but they also want to feel good when they’re eating it. Soup brings physical presence to intangibles like comfort and well-being.

“Soup is suitable for almost every meal, and brings enough variety to please every palate,” says Roger Lane, Marketing Manager, Savory Flavors, at Sensient Flavors. “It’s a global dish, but unique to every part of the planet. Whether it’s a smoky flavor, a bit of heat or the many complex notes from Asian cuisine, soup can provide whatever any consumer is looking for at that particular moment.”