New ingredients adding heat to meat

With sriracha mainstream, culinary professionals are exploring new flavorful ingredients to turn up the heat in meat and poultry. They are looking for global and regional recipes to layer in familiar flavors with bold spices.

Roger Lane, marketing manager of savory flavors for Sensient Flavors, said, “There’s an increasing interest in what we’re calling ‘sensory overload’ in the food landscape today. Hot and spicy flavors connect with consumers in a way that a standard flavor cannot. It’s the nose clearing, the tongue tingling and even the burning on their fingers that gets them excited about eating something spicy.”

“Our culinary team recently developed harissa turkey meatballs and chermoula chicken with our Moroccan harissa chili blend,” said Jean Shieh, marketing manager for Sensient Natural Ingredients. “Harissa is a trendy sauce now in the culinary world because of its complex spicy flavor profile. Our harissa dry chili blend can be added to processed meat formulations without introducing additional moisture.”

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