Consumers demand unique, fun and compelling flavors for all beverages

By Ranbir Kooner

As more adults pivot toward the non-alcoholic beverage category, they are looking for “craft” style beers vs. soft drinks. That’s in part because of a desire to limit sugar intake, and also because of a raft of new, interesting flavors in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions:

  • The use of herbs and spices has jumped from 11% of all launches to 18%, a massive uptick in what is normally a slow-rise situation.
  • Ginger (10.3%) is the most popular component of all herb/spice-flavored launches, followed by mint (9.9%).
  • Cardamom and turmeric are likely to increase market share as the demand for more exotic flavors and combinations continues to rise around the world.

Experimentation will be rewarded with expanded market share

The rise of herbs and spices — which may lend a bitter flavor to what was before a sweet beverage, or a beer with a different palate feel — plays well to the consumer who demands a novel “adult soft drink” experience. Sugar is seen as unhealthy, whereas these crisp, distinctive profiles give a more favorable impression.

Consumers want unusual flavors and combinations; they don’t want anything highly processed or that can’t offer a clean label. Natural processes such as fermentation are rising in appeal, as are vinegar-based beverages. Both offer remarkable opportunities for new flavor infusions.

Sensient Flavors meets the demand for sophistication and natural, healthier options in three major ways: spices add a pinch of the exotic; florals add a delicate touch of sophistication; and herbs add a hint of nature. We have the solutions and the expertise to enhance your current product line, as well as support the development of exciting new market entries.

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