Consumers want to experiment, but not cut corners on quality and taste

By Ranbir Kooner

People may be reducing their alcohol consumption, but they are not dialing back their desire for a full-flavored punch when it comes to beverages. Non-alcoholic launches have been increasing in the past five years. Continued innovation will benefit from the consumer interest in moderate beverages and improvements in brewing methods that retain flavor, but remove alcohol. Consumers have a very strong set of expectations for their non-alcoholic beverages:

  • A viable option to soda. As consumers reduce soft-drink consumption, they are constantly seeking authentic and indulgent alternatives. Because of their high sugar content, soft drinks are perceived as more of a treat or an indulgence than a regularly consumed product.
  • Balance and refresh. Consumers seek products to alleviate the stresses of busy, modern lifestyles; they are wanting products to supplement and enhance their busy lifestyles.
  • Natural offering. Consumers also are seeking healthier, natural-energy products that align with their desire to cut back on sugar and artificial ingredients.
  • Moderation. Consumers are exploring sophisticated alternatives to alcohol as part of a healthier lifestyle.
  • Experimentation. Consumers also are open to unique, exciting experiences in everyday products.

Targeting consumers who drink little, or not at all

Manufacturers of non-alcoholic beers have multiple markets. Traditional beer drinkers are certainly an option, but the no- and low-alcohol market is a dynamic one with an evolving landscape. This fast-growing segment creates an opportunity for non-alcoholic soft drinks, premium mixers and new types of soft drinks as alternative to common drinks.

Often non-alcoholic beers are seen as “adult soft drinks,” and so are ripe for exciting flavor and even color changes. Herbs and spices, such as ginger and mint, are trend leaders, and more are on the way.

Sensient Natural Extracts® Wood Extracts can match the profiles created with traditional barrel aging. It creates mature, authentic taste in beer, adding depth and complexity to brews and blends.

High stability, extended shelf life and oak varietals provide control over the wood character across batches, barrels and productions. And provide significant cost and time savings.

Sensient Flavors meets the demand for sophistication and natural, healthier options in three major ways: spices add a pinch of the exotic; florals add a delicate touch of sophistication; and herbs add a hint of nature. We have the solutions and the expertise to make your products shine.

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