Globe-Trotting Ingredients

Grab the attention of consumers and keep them coming back by introducing a little global cuisine flavor to food and beverage products and menu items.

Small Tweaks for Big Flavor Impact

The strong interest in global cuisine and ingredients among consumers shows no sign of slowing down. This gives manufacturers and foodservice operators the opportunity to take advantage of consumers’ adventurous nature by developing products that combine the core flavors and ingredients of global cuisines with familiar dishes, says Kristie Hung, marketing specialist at Sensient Natural Ingredients.

Hatch chile peppers hail from the Hatch Valley region in New Mexico and have long been popular in the regional cuisine there. Hung explains that chile pepper lovers and chefs around the world are enjoying this flavorful chile pepper both on its own and formulated into different recipes and products. “Just like fine wine that is identified by its unique taste and flavor because of its geography, geology, and climate, this coveted gem from New Mexico’s Hatch Valley has been distinguished for its mouth-watering aroma and bold, savory flavor,”

she says. “Recently, Hatch chile has moved beyond sauces, condiments, and snacks and ventured into more unexpected products like dairy, sweet spreads, beverages, and more.” The chile pepper’s bold, savory flavor and mild back-end heat make it a versatile ingredient in savory applications such as salsas, cheese, and condiments and sweet applications such as jams and ice cream, she adds. “By calling out ‘Hatch Valley HATCH Chile Peppers,’ a product with a unique novelty stands out more among a sea of spicy products,” says Hung. Sensient Natural Ingredients sources Hatch chile peppers from growers in the Hatch Valley and produces ingredients made from the peppers in powder, flake, and granule formats.

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