Consumers’ feelings around time and place guide our flavor development

In food and beverage manufacturing, much of the focus revolves around taste — it’s how the product meets consumer demand and captures market share. Alongside that, however, there’s an opportunity to further market reach by taking a look at the “when” of a product. Does it recall a childhood memory? Does it put the consumer into a relaxing space? Is it identified with fun?

Sensient Flavors works with these intangibles when we create flavors and formulations. Our insights into consumer attitudes allow manufacturers’ R&D teams a window into how they can pair their products with consumers’ desires.

Our global marketing team recently examined current consumer perceptions of time, broken out into the past, present and future. For each dimension, we identified both positive and negative feelings, which are strong drivers of consumer behavior. Working with our team of flavorists, we translated these insights into a flavor collection that is representative of current trends that mirror specific consumer attitudes to each of those time dimensions. We believe this will drive stronger product performance in the marketplace.

Engaging the past
While some of us associate the past with feelings of nostalgia,stability and comfort, others use lessons of the past to redirect what will happen in their future.

That thinking translates into tastes that can be reflective, such as warm spices and citrus, or subtle notes.

Controlling the present
More and more people consider the modern world to be immersive — an interactive experience to be explored. However, there is an increasing number of people who are overwhelmed by today’s multi-sensorial stimulation and looking for diversion and escapism.

What does that mean for flavors? Big, bold and engaged, with peppery notes and zesty aromas. Or rich, deep and decadent — a chance to slip away and be quiet.

Imagining the future
Today, future visions of a near-perfect society sit alongside dystopian predictions that necessitate a return to a simpler existence and regionally focused eating.

So, struggle or harmony? In terms of flavors, that can be presented through slightly sour or bitter aftertastes that create a unique, memorable mouthfeel.

At Sensient, we enjoy the world of flavors — creating them, combining them, imagining them out in the world. Our latest Trends to Taste collection is designed to offer an understanding of emerging consumer trends and their translation into actionable insights. Published annually, Trends to Taste encompasses our robust and all-inclusive research and horizon-scanning capabilities in pursuit of one clear goal — capturing the latest consumer trends and transferring them into flavorful and aromatic language.

Click here https://www.foodnavigator.com/Article/2019/07/31/Sensient-looks-to-past-present-and-future-for-flavour-inspiration to read more about the latest Trends to Taste forecasting
research as reported by FoodNavigator.com.

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