Answering the need for ‘free-from’ foods

By Jasbir Singh

For decades, low-calorie foods have been marketed to consumers with pitches along the lines of “all of the taste, none of the guilt,” or similar messaging. The value proposition? Literally having your cake and eating it, too.

Consumers still want to enjoy what they eat and drink, but the landscape has changed. Now the challenge is to meet demands for a buying population that wants food that’s lower in calories due to fat and/or sugar, but also meets their “free from” requirements around dairy, nuts, smoke or other ingredients that trigger allergies or are deemed to be unhealthful.

Sensient is ready with innovative, creative flavor enhancements that meet clean-manufacturing requirements:

  • Natural nut flavors that allow for allergen-free, all-natural language and labeling to eliminate cross-contamination
  • Ingredient and flavor combinations to lend a sense of indulgence to dairy-free ice cream
  • Smoke and wood flavors to give an “off-the-grill” experience without harmful carcinogens

Sensient provides the flavors to boost appeal while also meeting the “free-from” requirement. Capture consumer demand for great taste that’s free from the ingredients that concern them and see brand loyalty grow and sales rise accordingly.