Sensient Natural Extracts capitalize on consumers’ interest

By Kevin Barasa

‘Clean label’ is the new global standard. People investigate their food and beverage choices more closely now, and they are very specific — and vocal — about what they want to see.

What’s top of mind? According to recent Sensient primary research, authenticity and natural ingredients. Our analysts found that in the clean-label world, the words “natural” and “extract” carry a lot of weight. Consumers see it as the closest to nature that they can get.

In fact, 72% of 1,000 consumers polled that those two words most define “clean label,” and 61% believe they can taste the difference.

Now consider this research from Sensient asking consumers about how they define a clean label:

*Sensient Primary Research: 2018
*Sensient Primary Research: 2018

See the falloff between “extract” and “flavor” right away? Extracts are powerful on an ingredient label. The word “natural” is also an important distinction for clean label consumers, despite redundancy given regulatory standards of “extract” labeling.

Also note that consumers reported in the same poll – by a 2-to-1 margin – that clean-label products taste different. This terminology has become embedded in the buying public’s consciousness, so it must be addressed in product development and packaging.

*Sensient Primary Research: 2018 consumer survey statements
*Sensient Primary Research: 2018 consumer survey statements

Our takeaway is authenticity matters. Sensient Natural Extracts deliver the taste profile that consumers insist on, and they do so in a way that supports consumer demand for natural, clean-label products.