2019 flavor trends: Violets, jackfruit and pink peppercorns

Flavor houses cite exotic plants, spices and fruits as upcoming trends.

Keera Perumbala, marketing associate, sweet flavors, at Sensient Flavors, says 2019 promises to be exciting as current trends continue to gain momentum and interesting new products show up in the market.

“Edgy flavors and bold colors turn ‘over the top’ into the new norm, and this is being emphasized in food and drink with attention-grabbing ingredients that create sensations and elevate the consumption experience,” Perumbala says. “This is particularly true in the sweet goods category, where candies are seeing extreme flavors, colors and experiences coming together.”

“This pursuit for transparency is extending to their food and beverage choices as well, as they are looking for cleaner ingredients in their food and even indulgences such as confectionery that support their health-focused lifestyles,” Perumbala says. “More products are created with ingredients that are traceable, and having provenance claims can be the nudge that a casual browser needs to engage with a particular product. A ‘Brazilian orange’ carries more appeal than an ‘orange.’”

“Food as medicine is a concept well-established and practiced in the east in countries like India and China for centuries. In North America, however, this is a rapidly growing trend for the past few years, as lack of trust in big pharma is driving more people to buy into it,” Perumbala explains.

The products, which help consumers de-stress, and otherwise cope with modern life, tend to feature botanical herbs and flavors. And gummies and chocolates are specifically positioned to suggest relaxation.

There are also a number of products focused on gut health, which tend to feature flavors like turmeric, ginger and other adaptogens such as ginseng or tulsi. And, products are also taking advantage of natural energy and antioxidant sources by featuring ingredients like Guayusa, yerba mate or elderberry extracts.

“Added functionality in food and confectionery ingredients is the way brands are trying to differentiate themselves in the increasing sea of other natural options,” Perumbala says.

And Sensient is responding to these demands with its own clean label portfolio, with a line of pure plant extracts that provide flavor and function, vegan and organic flavors and ingredients.

“Some of our unique extraction processes create 100 percent pure plant extracts free from any carriers or trace solvents that can also be a natural source of caffeine, polyphenols and other functional elements that consumers are looking for,” Perumbala says.

Indeed, it seems there’s nothing flavor can’t do these days.

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