African, Indian flavors trending in 2020

With the well-documented rise in immigrants in the United States, as well as the desire of younger shoppers to broaden their palate with new and exciting flavors, supermarkets have an opportunity with their deli and prepared departments.

Creating connections with ethnic consumers and inquisitive shoppers is one of the biggest challenges for retailers. Instead of offering watered down versions of what might be served in other countries, supermarkets can differentiate themselves by staying on top of ethnic trends and respecting the flavors and dishes that are currently trending.

Integration is happening now with flavors from Africa and India. Although not as prominent as flavors from Mexico and Asia, they are starting to appear more often in U.S. restaurant menus.

“Most consumers are now familiar with North African cuisine, but some other regions are starting to trend now,” says Roger Lane, marketing manager, savory flavors at Sensient Flavors, based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. “We’ve seen a surge in the flavors of other parts of Africa, especially the eastern and southern parts of the continent, places like Ethiopia, Somalia and South Africa. The cuisine is so new. So, it’s a perfect place for exploring new flavors.”

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