Multi-sensory stimulation can provide consumers with an extraordinary experience.

Better food experiences through science

Consumers’ taste perception is derived from the sum total of their sensory experiences. Social evolution has led us to a desire to experience food, not just to eat it. Today’s consumers crave complex textures, true-to-nature aromas and even exploratory sensations when it comes to food and beverage products.

Sensory enhancement explores the premium that consumers place on multi-sensory stimulation and experiences. Sensient’s tantalizing flavor-enhancement technologies and multi-sensory innovations, including mouthfeel enhancers, work in concert with flavor systems to provide stimulating effects such as heating, cooling and tingling.

When taste is not enough

Our in-depth understanding of taste receptors has enabled us to develop products that deliver trigeminal effects in the mouth. Sensates stimulate the palate and work in concert with flavor systems to provide unique effects, such as heating, cooling or tingling sensations. Balanced for optimum response and impact, Sensates can be used alone or in combination with other flavors to provide a completely new experience.

Visual appeal for your beverages

Made with natural ingredients, a cloud is an oil-in-water emulsion generated when fine oil droplets are dispersed in water creating a turbid/cloudy optical effect. These clouds are bland or neutral in flavor, adding visual appeal to beverage applications. Clouds can be optimized for a variety of applications, and our stability-testing protocol can be helpful in choosing the correct cloud system for your products.

Healthy never tasted so good

In response to consumer demand for healthier products, DairyBoost™ provides you with a range of natural flavoring systems that deliver the rich mouthfeel and characteristics associated with full-fat dairy products. DairyBoost flavorings are natural and cost-effective, enabling food technologists flexibility and to easily create healthier products without compromising on taste. Each DairyBoost flavoring system has a rich, heat-stable dairy base with signature top notes.

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