Sensient Natural Origins provides extended shelf life, enhanced stability, and raw-material traceability and screening.

Delivering the taste of nature

In response to consumer demand for higher-quality food and natural ingredients, we created Sensient Natural Origins®, a collection of natural flavor extracts that capture the authentic taste profiles of original botanicals. These flavors can be used alone or in combination with other ingredients to transform taste profiles into a unique sensory experience. Sensient Natural Origins is created through proprietary extraction technologies that capture aromatic top notes, resulting in full and well-balanced flavor profiles.

Sensient Natural Origins are 100% natural, creating authentic taste profiles through infinite flavor combinations. Flavors like Sicilian Lemon, Nigerian Ginger, Madagascar Vanilla and Sarawak Black Pepper are sourced locally from their native regions. These flavor extracts allow manufacturers to label finished concepts with specific provenance declarations, offering more experiential pleasures and sensations to today’s consumers.

Unbeatable technological advantages

Sensient Natural Origins will provide you with peace of mind through benefits such as extended shelf life, enhanced stability, and raw-material traceability and screening while still maintaining delicious flavor. Our extensive knowledge of raw-material sourcing and our enhanced critical control points throughout the supply chain allow us to offer you consistent starting materials time after time.

The Sensient Natural Origins extracts were developed using a range of low-temperature as well as low- and high-pressure extraction and distillation techniques, including subcritical liquid carbon dioxide extraction, molecular distillation and liquid-liquid counter-current extraction. These techniques are applied to botanicals to replicate the natural organoleptic flavor and aroma characteristics and contents without any thermal damage or degradation. Products can be created as a single process or in combinations of processes, allowing for technical insulation for the customer application and proving difficult for competitors to match.

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