Consumers are looking for functional, emotional, and indulgent products.

Unleash the powerful combination of creativity and technology

For laundry, home, personal and oral care, consumers are looking for strong-performing products with a variety of added benefits: functional, emotional and indulgent.

Our creative centers offer unique technical capabilities, proprietary technologies and creativity to deliver best-of-class perfumes with enhanced functional and sensorial benefits that set our products apart from the competition and provide added value to our customers.

Sensient’s leading-edge technologies rely on strong investment in resources, equipment and people.

Unlike other fragrance companies, our business plan is built on value-added products designed to engage consumers and markets- creating a unique connection based on core values such as innovation, quality, performance, service and trust.

Our R&D departments invest heavily in internal research, and we also have developed cooperative relationships in technology and research with national and international institutes and universities.

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Our fragrances offer more bang for the buck

One of Sensient´s innovative approaches in fragrance development is based on the use of more impactful ingredients, often those that are new in the category, achieving a significantly lower volume in the final application.

We offer top-class, highly concentrated fragrances with unique profiles, which also enables us to amplify the perfumistic spectrum and, at the same time, comply with challenging regulatory demands.

Our compaction technology also offers lower logistical costs, which make your products more competitive. It uses fewer chemicals and less packaging and thus weighs less—making it less costly to ship. All of this translates into a smaller carbon footprint.

Our technology relies on value-driven design, and it results in financial and ecological benefits for our customers in the production of fragrances based on sustainable creativity. Sensient compaction technology also delivers high hedonic value to laundry, home and personal care products.

Our patented processes set us apart in odor-control fragrances

Freshness is a key driver for fragrance success in international markets and is also one of the major differentiators across segments.

Consumers demand products that deliver ultimate freshness as they control and manage bad odors. Sensient designs tailor-made fragrances with dual benefits: high sensorial value and excellent malodor control.

Sensient Fragrances has patented, state-of-the-art technology that gives us complete creative freedom to design perfumes in a wide range of olfactory profiles for all the categories where radiant freshness is a decisive attribute.

Our patented AOCF® technology consists of one fragrance system with complementary neutralization mechanisms to actively control odors, something other fragrance companies can’t provide.

AOCF fragrances are found in international markets delivering experiential olfactory value to consumers who want the best and most efficient performance without neglecting hedonics.

Our AOCF technology is successfully used in air fresheners, washing liquids, cleaners, detergents and many other segments.

Our technology creates experiences that last

Extensive market demand for fragrances and perfumes that have a significant long-lasting effect is the basis for the development of an innovative Sensient MICRO-ENCAPSULATED TECHNOLOGY that relies on extending the sensorial experience/duration for weeks.

Microcapsules have become a differentiator for long-term fragrance-release products for many companies in the fragrance industry around the world.

Our technology allows the controlled release of a complex perfume, occurring upon capsule breakage (generally by friction), providing a long-lasting fragrance benefit.

In laundry care, our fragrance capsules deliver the “just washed” sensation even weeks after washing. In air care, the technology will provide an extra burst of perfume, enhancing the fresh-and-clean air perception.

Delivering one perfume emulsion with the encapsulated fragrance

The combination of free and encapsulated oils in one product means that one product is a great value for manufacturers.

Our micro-encapsulated perfumes are widely acknowledged for their superior performance, delivering a long-lasting scent experience in fabric, home and personal care.

Unlike many other fragrance companies, Sensient Fragrances in-house capsule design and development offers customers the ability to tailor products to meet their consumer.

NeutraSensiCaps technology

NeutraSensiCaps™ is a two-in-one technology that helps deliver optimum odor control. It is a true market innovation, in that it brings our microencapsulation process together with our odor-neutralizing technology. Specifically designed for any product that comes in contact with fabrics, the NeutraSensiCaps capsules provide long-lasting odor control through the combination of unique ingredients inside and outside the capsules, which break over time to deliver extra bursts of fragrance with odor-neutralizing properties.

They deliver unbeatable effectiveness in continuous odor control, plus an extra protective barrier for long-lasting protection in products such as air fresheners, detergents, softeners, carpet cleaners and vacuum cleaners.

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