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Superior flavor protection

To address the specific needs of food and beverage manufacturers who work with dry powders, Sensient Flavors offers a range of matrix-encapsulated powdered flavor systems, in different particle sizes and with different performance characteristics. These include spray-dried, spray-agglomerated, granulated and spray-coated products.

Such products offer multiple advantages over non-encapsulated flavor systems, including superior flavor protection, controlled flavor release, the ability to achieve visual effects, and manufacturing safety and convenience.

Our spray-dried flavors are suitable for use in a broad range of applications, such as powdered cold-water soluble beverages, hot instant beverages, dietary supplements, chewing gum, compressed tablets, dry mixes and cream filling for bakery applications. They also are well-suited in savory applications, such as stock cubes and instant noodle mix, and in topical applications like crisps and tortillas.

The higher flowability of spray-agglomerated powders, and their improved mixing and dissolution characteristics, bring advantages in manufacturing and product performance where such attributes are required.

Our range of granulated products has even larger particle sizes and a morphology that is especially beneficial in applications like tea bags and when visual effects are required, such as in bakery and confectionary applications.

Our spray-coated range of products is based on natural carriers such as tea leaves and fruit pieces. These are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment to produce flavor-coated natural leaf and fruit pieces that blend perfectly with unflavored components of the food or beverage application. In addition, the coatings used are designed to allow the release of small amounts of flavor over time in order to generate a “head space” of aroma, which is a key determinant of choice and consumer preference in many products.

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