About Us

If there’s anything we’re more passionate about than flavors, it’s partnership.

We are experts in the science, art and innovation of taste. We are market-savvy and visionary. We are problem solvers. And we are nothing without you.

You are what makes us a collaborator, and a true partner. Together, we can solve the most challenging product puzzles and together, we can make flavors that are delicious, craveable and truly inspired.

Founded in 1882 as a distillery, our company has undergone several transformations: from Meadow Springs Distillery to Red Star Yeast & Product Company to Universal Foods and, since 2000, Sensient Technologies. Today, we are the leading supplier of:

  • Beverage Flavors
  • BioNutrient Products
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Savory Flavors
  • Sweet Flavors

We want to champion your business and your success by being a partner who’s with you every step of the way.

What we bring to the collaboration:

Highly educated industry specialists who partner with you from ideation to launch

Boutique style of service, agility and curation

State-of-the-art production facilities

The global resources to deliver world-class creations

  • 75 locations in 35 countries
  • Customers in more than 150 nations
  • Annual revenues that surpass $1.5 billion

Supply Chain Management: supply chain and traceability control, efficient lead time and exclusive proprietary ingredients

Quality accreditations: ISO, GMP, BRC and SQF

Worldwide leadership in HVPs and yeast extracts

Experienced flavorists in all aspects of flavor creation