Sensient Flavors uses inspiring concepts and trendy color recommendations, which result in increased product success.

We help deliver a sensory experience

Essential oils have a natural origin, while aroma chemicals are products that can have a natural origin, fragrances can also be isolated from natural sources or be manufactured through chemical synthesis.

Sensient has highly competitive, efficient service standards and a short supply chain through:

  • Our state-of-the-art production facility
  • Our strong focus on process improvements
  • Our focus on using renewable sources
  • Our reduction of our total carbon footprint
  • Our work to use less energy and water in our processes
  • Our high quality standards

Our chemical processes are state-of-the-art

Sensient‘s Aroma Chemicals division developed its strong market position through leading-edge chemistry and technology, and supply chain management of raw materials.

Sensient‘s Aroma Chemicals division has very strong R&D and engineering teams with special expertise in:

  • Development of new, specialized, high-performance Aroma Chemicals portfolio with a big market potential; we are continuously adapting our product portfolio to our customers' fragrance needs
  • Process improvements through adhering to the principles of the Green Chemistry model
  • New chemistry processes that enable us to enhance our methods or extend our product portfolio
  • • Engineering technologies as they are applied to fragrances and flavor ingredients production – This enables to us to continuously improve our productivity base, which is the base of our competitiveness and high service standards as a flavor and fragrance company.

Sensient‘s Aroma Chemicals division manufactures under all market conditions, making products safely. Compliance is a top priority, and we deliver regulatory assistance and technical regulatory documentation.

Last, but not least, Sensient‘s Aroma Chemicals division works to produce these ingredients sustainably. We have established and developed a sustainability program that allows us to provide a rigorous diagnosis of environmental quality issues, which enables effective strategic planning and comprehensive sustainability planning. Compared to other fragrance companies, this allows Sensient to define a set of indicators that ensures the development of our business in a more environmentally efficient and effective manner.

We have long-term experience in essential oils

As industry pioneers, coming from a long history of natural essential oils production, Sensient delivers an all-encompassing portfolio of high-quality essential and organic essential oils with complete traceability.

From controlled cultivation and processing of aromatic plants to the distillation of essential oils, we continuously deliver a great legacy of natural raw materials successfully used in flavors, fragrances, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Selected essential oils have proven antibacterial effects along with their sensoric value, providing interesting alternatives to synthetic bactericides.

Sensient´s location in southern Spain gives us local access to producers of high-quality essential oils, who are aided by the region’s geography and ideal climate. Our raw material products come from a wide range of countries.

We bring comprehensive expertise to product development

Market and consumer insights

Sensient’s professionally trained and highly committed international team provides an array of services to enhance the value of your brands and products.

Global and regional consumer understanding, together with continuous market awareness, allow us to diligently assess your product portfolio. We determine gaps and offer a tailor-made package of solutions to capitalize on market opportunities unlike any other flavor and fragrance company.

Sensient´s all-encompassing sensorial approach responds to our customers´ needs with high-performing fragrances that feature inspiring concepts and trendy color recommendations, which result in increased product success.

Research and development

Our teams of fragrance designers and evaluators are supported by technology experts who deliver the latest innovations for the creation of unique perfumes with superb overall performance.

Sensient’s proprietary technologies enhance the experiential edge of our scent portfolio without neglecting its functional and hedonic value.

Sensient fragrances´ creative centers, state-of-the-art R&D laboratories and advanced evaluation and in-use test facilities allow us to collaborate with customers in an environment where creativity is an integral part of our innovative portfolio of solutions.

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