Sensient Flavors is a reliable partner with customers in the laundry, home, personal, oral care, and fine fragrance industries.

Innovative fragrance creations

OUR FOCUS: Delivering innovative fragrance creations and new technologies no other fragrance company can offer through synergies across categories and supply chain management in raw materials.

We live in a world of senses, and our perfumers combine their inspiration and creativity with mood trends, fashion, technological developments and market factors that are valued by consumers.

Technology is an integral part of our perfumery creation. We continually strive to find the best balance between creativity and functional needs to develop fragrances with the highest acceptance and the best release performance in the final product.

A continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment, R&D tools and talent makes us a leading resource and reliable partner for our customers in the laundry, home, personal, oral care and fine fragrances industries.

We know what clean smells like

Markets evolve, and consumer needs change. Therefore, Sensient Fragrances offers tailor-made product solutions, adding sensory value to laundry products, locally or globally.

Working closely with our R&D and marketing specialists, our perfumers develop attractive modern fragrances. A fragrance evaluation board selects creations with the best panel results in finished-product applications for detergent, laundry soaps or fabric conditioners.

Our successes and lengthy track record in fabric care, together with the latest developments by our R&D group, allow us to continuously offer customers the most innovative laundry solutions in the latest technological environment.

Sustainability is of high importance in today's environment. Less waste, lower level of water usage and more concentrated products, all have an impact on perfume creativity. For this purpose we also compact our fragrances providing high odor impact and a lower CO2 footprint: Sensient Compaction Technology.

Consumer habits and the increasing use and development of synthetic fibers, particularly for sportswear, create perfect scenarios for the use of our Active Odor Control Fragrances (AOCF®), where long-lasting freshness is a much-desired benefit. Our microencapsulation technology allows for a fragrance-controlled long-term release system that provides enhanced sensorial fragrance experience during use, as well as after weeks of storage, providing a better hedonic experience to consumers. Our latest technology, NeutraSensiCaps™, is the combination of our successful odor management and microencapsulation technologies to provide ultimate freshness and fragrance.

We create the products behind the comforts of home

Dish Washing

We live in a multicultural world with changing food trends, where spicy and ready-made meals with strong savory flavors create the need for products that will deliver not only impeccably clean dishes but also ultra-freshness in the dish washing cycle.

Sensient designs scents with the inclusion of patented malodor management technology AOCF® to provide the best fragrance performance for dish care, whether for use in automatic machines or hand washing.

With our extensive portfolio of scents we can deliver perfumes to support efficacious claims such as ultimate degreasing power, but we also can provide perfumes with the essential oils that will address natural efficacy while adding benefits such as care for your hands and dishes.

Surface Care

Today´s consumers entertain and spend more time at home, and as a result they place an increased importance on a welcoming and inspiring ambience. These drivers are the basis for our focus on designing high-performance fragrances with long-lasting value, high sensorial profile and malodor coverage.

Our global market knowledge allows us to design successful perfumes for specific regions unlike other fragrance companies. We have high expertise in developing scents for all-purpose cleaners, but we also have fragrances for products that target particular areas in the home, such as kitchens, bathrooms and floors. We bring a rich palette of ingredients and high-level technical know-how to our design of the right fragrances for any product—whether it be a bleach that obtains ultimate hygienic results or a gentle cleaner that protects delicate surfaces like marble or hardwood flooring.

Toilet Care

Consumers use products with pH levels ranging from high acidity to extreme alkalinity, and that range can pose challenges to our creative teams. In order to create products that not only foster hygienic environments, but also bring pleasing scents, our creative and technical teams strive to create fragrance solutions that will inspire positive emotions without neglecting functional performance.

For all product areas, we have a globally sourced library of market products, offering an important foundation of knowledge and inspiration in our development work. Full understanding of products, consumer behavior and trends in a variety of regions nurtures and increases our edge in the creation of memorable scents.

We help people set the mood in their homes

This market has changed from being a “problem solver” to an increasingly “experiential” product range, with formats and scents that vary depending on the need, mood or season. Our teams focus on high-performing fragrances to perfectly suit the home environment, in addition to providing freshness, functionality and long-lasting benefits.

Our strong expertise in products for continuous fragrance release, such as electricals, reed diffusers, candles and gels, allows us to create products that fit consumers’ lifestyles. Modern aerosols and sprays are aesthetic pleasing products, and consumers expect them to provide immediate solutions and also long-term, mood-evoking qualities.

Our R&D teams work closely with our application experts to achieve the best performance in all applications, enabling control over evaporation curves, as well as providing instant performance, long-lastingness and odor neutralization, ultimately translating the final product into a fragrance that consumers will feel passionate about.

A full understanding of different release technologies and our state-of-the-art fragrance laboratories and testing cabins are fundamental to the delivery of scents with the best performance.

Our fragrances are part of people’s lives

Pleasing the senses—with either radiant fragrance for daytime or seductive perfumes for the evening—is our expertise

Our creative teams work with customers to choose from a palette of selected raw materials and proprietary ingredients, as well as sophisticated natural extracts, to create glamorous perfumes with sustainable appeal.

Whether your location is in the Western or Eastern hemisphere, our dynamic perfumers will work with you to design alluring fragrances to translate market trends into unique scents that will become your signature.

We keep people clean and fresh the world over

Sensient understands the uniqueness of regions around the world and continually explores local and global olfactory landscapes in personal wash to design fragrances that please the most discerning consumers in any location worldwide.

Creativity, deep knowledge of market trends and a palette of first-class raw materials provide our experts with key building blocks to deliver top-of-the-class, trend-setting fragrances that enhance the message of your products or brand.

A wide range of shower gels, liquid hand washes, shampoos and beauty soaps—designed by Sensient experts using a powerful arsenal of synergies between Sensient´s Colors, Cosmetics, Pharma and Fragrances expertise—are successfully launched world wide on a regular basis.

We’re promoting fresh breath everywhere

Delivering a high level of expertise in distinctive oral care solutions is one of our top priorities. We have collaborated with our customers to achieve international success in a variety of markets where we offer high-performing products that use our well-established, sophisticated, high-quality essential oils.

A strong heritage in naturals and an integrated product line support creativity in the development of unique products that promise to enhance a freshness experience for either toothpaste or mouthwash.

We supply quality ingredients such as anethole, eucalyptus/eucalyptol, peppermint and mints, and other essential oils with therapeutic or antibacterial properties for the development of world-wide leading brands.

Market and consumer insights set us apart

Sensient’s professionally trained and highly committed international team provides an array of services to enhance the fragrance value of your brands and products.

Global and regional consumer understanding, together with continuous market awareness, help us assess your product portfolio. We determine gaps and offer a tailor-made package of solutions to capitalize on market opportunities.

Sensient´s all-encompassing sensorial approach responds to our customers´ needs with high-performing fragrances that feature inspiring concepts and trendy color recommendations, resulting in increased product success.

Research and development teams get creative.

Our teams of fragrance designers and evaluators are supported by technology experts who deliver the latest innovations for the creation of unique fragrances with superb overall performance.

Sensient’s proprietary technologies enhance the experiential edge of our scent portfolio without neglecting their functional and hedonistic value.

Sensient Fragrances´ creative centers, state-of-the-art R&D laboratories, and advanced testing facilities allow us to collaborate with customers in an environment where creativity is an integral part of our innovative portfolio of solutions.

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