Our core capabilities are in sweet flavors, fruit preparations, flavor bases, inclusions, sauces, variegates, and taste modulators.

Bringing life to your sweet products

Sensient Flavors offers innovative, global taste solutions and sweet flavor delivery systems that help bring life to your dairy, confectionery and bakery products. Our leading-edge technologies reflect our core philosophies to be dynamic and innovative and to add value to your applications.

Our core flavor and ingredient capabilities are in sweet flavors, fruit preparations, flavor bases, inclusions, sauces, variegates and taste modulators. You can count on Sensient as your partner for sweet success.

Taste is crucial

With expert research and development staff, flavorists, chemists, sensory scientists, dietitians and culinary chefs, we offer a breadth of knowledge to create the best taste solution for your products. Whether you are seeking a product that is subtle or bold, colorful or neutral, exotic or traditional, Sweet Flavors has product solutions, technical expertise and state-of-the art R&D facilities to fulfill your development needs.

Application expertise:

  • Yogurt—Traditional, drinkable, and Greek-style yogurt applications
  • Ice cream—Natural extract and artificial flavors, variegates, inclusions, and more
  • Novelties—Standard ice cream bars, sandwiches, frozen yogurts, and anything in between
  • Confectionery—Excellent-tasting confectionery solutions, ranging from chocolates to boiled candies
  • Baked goods—Innovative baked-good applications that range from crackers to cookies
  • Pies—A wide range of pie applications, from traditional pies to tarts
  • Sour cream/cream cheese—Taste and flavor solutions for sour cream and cream cheese dip applications
  • Specialty fluid—Specialty fluid taste and flavor solutions that range from eggnog, cultured dairy drinks, flavored milks and, smoothies to kefir drinks and other flavored beverages

We have your ticket to sweet growth

Sensient provides industry-leading flavor systems across the global sweet market. Our extensive flavor portfolio includes a variety of solutions that enable us to create exceptional flavor innovation to help you drive growth in various segments.

Product offerings:

  • Flavors

    Extensive collection of natural flavors, along with expertise in key flavor technology roles, including compound flavoring, reaction flavor spray and extraction

  • Fruit Preparations

    Fruit preparations designed for uses in yogurt, pie, bakery and ice cream applications

  • Flavor Bases

    Sweeteners, stabilizers, colors and natural extract and artificial flavors to create the backdrop for customized background flavors

  • Variegates

    Offerings include caramels, chocolates, fudges, marshmallow, fruits and textured variegates, to name a few

  • Inclusions

    A wide assortment of inclusions that can be used in confectionery, bakery or dairy applications

  • Specialty Fluid

    Premium flavor and flavor bases for eggnog, cultured dairy drinks, flavored milks, smoothies, and kefir drinks and other flavored beverages

  • Sauces

    Crafted quality caramel, chocolate and fruit sauces tailored to bakery applications

Our global technologies set us apart

Sensient Flavors’ leading-edge technologies reflect our core philosophy to be dynamic, innovative, and add value to your products. Sensient invests heavily in technologies to ensure that our professionals have unique and proprietary flavor and ingredient technologies, which can help you overcome various product development challenges.

Technology Platforms:

  • Natural Flavorings

    In response to consumer demand for healthier products, DairyBoost™ provides you with a range of natural and natural extract flavoring systems that deliver the rich mouthfeel and authentic characteristics associated with full-fat dairy products. DairyBoost natural flavorings are cost-effective, enabling food technologists the flexibility to easily create healthier products without compromising on taste. Each DairyBoost flavoring system has a rich, heat-stable dairy base with signature top notes.

  • Natural Masking Technology

    Smoothenol® 2G is a natural technology system that modifies the taste of products by masking the undesirable off notes, flavors, and aftertastes commonly associated with sweeteners, vitamins, minerals and nutraceutical/functional ingredients. Smoothenol systems are natural, Kosher, EU-compliant and can be GMO-free.

  • Flavor Extracts

    Invigorate your customers’ senses with Sensient Natural Origins™, a unique and exclusive extraction technology. Our extensive product portfolio includes citrus, spice, floral and other specialty natural extracts that taste like they were just picked from nature.

  • Salt Substitutes

    Sensasalt™ is a revolutionary line of salt substitutes that deliver maximum flavor enhancements while optimizing sodium reduction.

  • Cocoa Replacers

    Our portfolio of natural flavor systems can reduce the amount of actual cocoa in a finished product, resulting in cost reduction and increased plant efficiencies.

  • Sweetness Enhancers

    Sensient’s natural sweetness enhancers increase the perceived level of sweetness in numerous applications. These allow you to modify sweetener content in a product without sacrificing taste.

  • Natural flavor Systems

    Sensates natural flavor systems deliver an array of sensory expressions, including cool, heat and tingle, to stimulate the senses.

We offer leading solutions from cutting-edge technology

At our core, Sweet Flavors uses technologies to provide you with optimal flavor and ingredient solutions. We believe in long-term research in developing new products and processes that create unique solutions. From flavor and flavor systems development through ingredient manufacturing, Sweet Flavors has a broad range of processing capabilities worldwide to assist you in your innovative product creations.

We continually invest in our facilities to ensure that the most optimal manufacturing equipment is used throughout the world. From UHT/HTST, extractions, aseptic processing and, spray drying, to cold-processing panning, we always are adding new technologies to solve the most complicated flavor and ingredient manufacturing challenges.

Our global expertise is at your service


As a global company, our in-house sensory laboratories are a pivotal part of the effective and descriptive capabilities we provide. Sweet Flavors has a fully equipped in-house sensory laboratory led by staffs that are Certified Food Scientists (CFS). Our newest facility, headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, includes state-of-the-art tasting booths and prep areas in an air-controlled, ventilated building.

Research & development

Long-term global research and development initiatives enable Sweet Flavors to excel in breakthrough flavor and flavor system innovations, create invigorating product designs and deploy quick/systematic large-scale operations worldwide as an internationally operated flavor and fragrance company.

We strive to continually add new flavor technologies to improve our domestic and global presence. Supported by branding and marketing initiatives, Sweet flavors delivers superior products that appeal to more customers across a broader range of needs and price points.

Our global reach, combined with 100-plus years of experience in food technology, creativity and flavor development expertise has enabled Sweet Flavors to devise a product portfolio of solutions that fulfill both your expectations and consumer demands.

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