Key Flavor Components include but are not limited to; top notes, botanical extracts, thermal-processed flavors, yeast extracts, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVP).

Authentic flavors

The pleasure in eating comes primarily from authentic flavors: flavors that elevate our senses, conjure up memories and transport us to destinations beyond our wildest imaginations. Developers of savory consumer food products, you are in a unique position to provide consumers with a unique, sensational culinary experience.

Sensient’s experienced flavor specialists are equipped with exclusive, proprietary ingredients and technologies to help you enhance the natural character of your existing products and delight your customers with new savory sensations.

We offer savory flavor expertise

We offer you the most complete savory flavor capabilities in the industry, customizing the best flavor solution for your product’s success. By developing and manufacturing each component of our flavors, we provide the distinctive notes crucial to truly differentiating your products in the marketplace.

Key flavor components:

  • Top notes
  • Botanical extracts
  • Thermal-processed flavors
  • Yeast extracts
  • Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVP)

Our products have broad appeal with specialty capabilities

Our high-quality, diverse range of products and flavor systems enables us to be present in every food industry market segment. We optimize flavor, taste delivery and production processes, supporting our customers in their savory development efforts. Our savory flavor solutions are designed to match certification and label requirements, including: natural, vegetarian, Kosher-certified, Halal-certified, GMO-free and organic.

Applications expertise:

  • Soup and bouillon
  • Sauces and dressings
  • Ready meals – chilled, ambient, frozen
  • Canned products
  • Processed meat and marinades
  • Savory snacks

Quality, exclusivity and authenticity


  • Supply Chain Managenent: supply chain and traceability control, efficient lead time, exclusive proprietary ingredients
  • Quality accreditations: ISO, GMP, BRC, SQF
  • Worldwide leader in HVPs and yeast extracts
  • Experienced flavorists in thermal-processed flavors and top notes


  • Key flavor components: yeast extracts, HVPs, thermal-processed flavors, top notes and botanical extracts
  • Sensient Natural Origins®: unique, true-to-nature botanical extracts
  • Encapsulations, to coat ingredient and improve flavor shelf-life
  • Global new product development, focusing on innovative solutions

For a complete list of our innovative products and flavor solutions, click here.

Local Approach, Global Reach

  • Local approach: dedicated sales and technical teams in almost every country
  • Agility: in product customization and speed to market
  • Culinary approach: chef and application teams
  • Mega and micro trends: Research and analysis of key market drivers

Your Signature Savory Flavors

Sensations, our premium savory flavors brand, was designed by an extensive R&D creation program and is based on Sensient’s exclusive ingredients and technologies. Sensations savory flavors tantalize the senses and bring authentic taste to your savory applications.

  • Beef Sensations: a range of key beef profiles based on our exclusive thermal-processed flavors
  • Sun Sensations: flavors inspired by fresh Mediterranean cuisine using Sensient Natural Origins
  • Chicken Sensations: a natural range of key chicken cooking flavor profiles

The 2015 Trends to Taste program is under way

Our U.S. consumer-insights trends specialists have just launched the sixth-annual edition of the Trends to Taste (T2T) program. T2T is an in-depth, proprietary process used to identify the top flavors that will be embraced by customers, chefs and ultimately consumers in the near future and beyond. It uses both structured, formal research, and primary, grassroots market excursions to track, identify and predict top flavor and consumer trends that will affect product development for years to come. This year’s flavor list includes Rhubarb, Ras El Hanout, Guasacaca and many others

We produce flavors with global appeal.

Sensient Savory Flavors is dedicated to bringing the best of the world to you and your customers. Leveraging our international culinary expertise, we research and develop ethnic flavors and flavor systems for your specific product needs.

We have your savory inspiration.

We understand the evolving taste preferences of today’s savvy consumers. Sensient offers savory flavor kits as inspiration for your next savory application, including:

  • Asian Flavors Kit, which brings authentic taste from the Far East and adds the perfect light refreshing flavor or the warm, spicy kick
  • World of Chili Peppers a collection of peppers from various regions, offering unique regional flavor with medium to exceptional heat levels

We know what customers want

Looking for your next inspiration? The Sensient Flavors marketing team can provide you with valuable consumer insights that translate into innovative solutions.

Marketing & Consumer Insights

Our consumer insights team tracks, identifies and predicts up-and-coming consumer trends, providing key insights and predictions to help food and beverage flavors manufacturers discover opportunities that offer new taste experiences. Our team is here to help you through concept ideation, market research and market segmentation while sharing our in-depth knowledge of consumer and flavor trends. Your success is our success.


Our on-site, fully-equipped sensory labs allow us to support customers with flavor matches, ingredient substitution, preference and descriptive studies. Our facilities include state-of-the-art tasting booths and upgraded, computerized data collection. Sensory scientists across the globe provide extensive knowledge and proven track records for conducting internal and external panels.

Research & Development

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” This famous Henry Ford quote is a message we try to keep in mind here at Sensient. We know our customers are always looking for innovations to impress today’s educated consumers. Our long-term research team of PhD scientists continually researches consumer needs three, five and ten years out, giving you an edge that produces success.

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