Our wide range of leading natural ingredients includes, dehydrated onion, garlic, vegetables, chili, and herbs.

We’re part of the “Natural Evolution”

A global movement is taking place. Societies are consuming more natural extract and all natural ingredients: food that is as wholesome as possible, with few or no additives. As a consequence, there is a movement among food brands and manufacturers to have simpler and cleaner labels.

For many years, Sensient Natural Ingredients (SNI) has been supporting this movement, partnering with numerous food and beverage manufacturers looking to offer the best natural extract and all natural products to consumers.

Known previously as Sensient Dehydrated Flavors, SNI has evolved to be a food industry pioneer, bringing from the field to the table a range of products that deliver natural extract and all natural ingredients, vivid colors and pleasing textures as well as the best flavorings expected by the most discerning consumers.

Our business philosophy

To have finished products of the highest quality, we must provide our customers with the highest-quality ingredients, paying special attention to details from seed production to manufacturing to culinary application and delivery.

Integrity, technology and creativity are at the heart of our business, and it shines through in our wide range of leading natural extract and all natural ingredients, including dehydrated vegetables, onion, garlic, chili and herbs. We continue to innovate and add products and capabilities to collaborate with customers on development of exciting new natural food and flavors, beverage and beverage flavors, and nutritional products for the future.

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Spice up your life with variety, purity and consistency

SNI’s product line offers a wide variety of solutions for applications, including:

Organic & Non-GMO Dehydrated Vegetables and Chili Peppers

With full traceability to the fields, our California Organic Onion, Organic Paprika and Organic Chili Pepper are grown according to the USDA’s National Organic Program standards. All of the organic products as well as our California Garlic and Parsley have received Non-GMO Project verifications.

Chili Varietals

SNI provides genuine chili varietals, including paprika, ancho, guajillo, chipotle, serrano, as well as Hatch chili pepper from New Mexico and varietals from India. From sweet, relatively mild chili peppers to Habanero blend, our authentic chili peppers not only add flavors, heat and color to food and beverage products, but also the name recognition consumers are looking for.

Roasted, Toasted, Smoked

A chef’s touch can add many layers of flavor complexity to a base ingredient. Whether it’s our roasted garlic, toasted onion, or smoked vegetables, the subtle but recognizable savory flavors can be added to your products while offering additional clean-label benefits.

We make better products from the start

In order to fulfill our commitment to begin with only the best ingredients, we supply proprietary seeds to farmers of both onion and garlic. The farmers maintain the fields, planting and harvesting with SNI-owned equipment. This provides better yields, while at the same time delivering a more prominent taste and flavor with better consistency in micro levels, color and piece uniformity.

2015 Trends to Taste program

Our U.S. consumer-insights trends specialists have launched the sixth-annual edition of the Trends to Taste (T2T) program. T2T is an in-depth, proprietary process used to identify top flavors that will be embraced by customers, chefs and ultimately consumers in the near future and beyond. It uses both structured, formal research, and primary, grassroots market excursions to track, identify and predict top flavor and consumer trends that will affect product development for years to come. This year’s flavor list includes Tayberry, Balsamic Fig, Rhubarb and many others.

Global processing capabilities set us apart

With manufacturing facilities strategically spread throughout the world, SNI provides the best possible sourcing and processing capabilities to ensure on-time delivery for your natural extract and all natural ingredient needs. Our main offices are located in Turlock, California, where products are repackaged to your specs and quality-tested. SNI also offers dehydrating capacity and field research labs at our Livingston, California facility.

Additional facilities are located in Elburg, Netherlands, and Marchais, France, which serve not only as commercial offices for the region but also as processing facilities for our Freeze Dried and SensiPuff businesses. Another facility is also located in the region of Qingdao, China, to process and inspect Chinese-origin ingredients to ensure world-class quality and safety standards are being met. Commercial offices are also located throughout the United States, as well as in Singapore and Mexico City, Mexico.

We maintain a wide range of certifications

All of SNI’s plants are BRC Food, Kosher, Halal and GMA Safe certified, with strict policies of processing control, including the use of HACCP procedures. Audits are routinely conducted by internal and external entities accredited under world-class standards. Meeting and exceeding the rules and regulations of the countries in which there is presence, as well as specific customer requirements is our top goal.

SNI’s product testing procedures have been developed by ADOGA, ASTA, the FDA and the AOAC; in-house testing programs are performed at all US and overseas operations.

Precisely crafted solutions for your needs today, and for years to come

Applications kitchen

SNI’s industrial kitchen and applications facility located in Turlock, CA, has been carefully designed by our culinary staff to emulate our customers’ processes as close to reality as possible, resulting in numerous tailor-made ideas, creations and recommendations suited to each individual application and finished good.

Consumer insight

There is a global shift toward consumption of more natural ingredients and wholesome food with few or no additives. One result is that brands are looking to have simpler and cleaner labels. SNI has been at the forefront of this movement, always aware of new ways to satisfy consumer demands at all levels.

Quality control

SNI’s Turlock-based laboratory is equipped for in-house analysis of incoming raw materials, outgoing finished products and analysis of your product samples. This allows for consistent quality and sensory characteristics as well as product design tailored to very specific needs.

Long-term research

Using natural, long-term, cross-breeding procedures, SNI’s state-of-the-art research lab in Livingston, CA, carefully selects onion and garlic seeds to withstand the harshest temperatures and conditions while growing to be the best raw materials for dehydration processes. This also allows us to continually source and have product available throughout the year.

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