With an experienced research team and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we can bring a broad portfolio of products to market.

The art and science of innovation

Sensient BioNutrients is a global manufacturer of yeast extracts, peptones, yeast beta-glucan, mannan oligosaccharides and other nutritional solutions for the bionutrient and animal nutrition industries. We offer a wide range of products to address specific needs in fermentation, animal nutrition, plant & soil nutrition, biofuel, and diagnostic media and vaccine. In our state-of-the-art R&D facility, our team uses cutting-edge technology to understand the scientific basis for the functionality of our products. We use this knowledge to develop the most effective solutions for our customers. Our best-in-class manufacturing produces high-quality products that deliver consistent results and value.

Our technical, sales, superior R&D and manufacturing teams work to help our clients conceive, develop and produce products that are superior in every way.

Key benefits

  • Experienced sales and research teams with technical breadth and depth
  • Global state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
  • Broad portfolio of products
  • Application expertise for optimal solutions

Industrial fermentation and cell culture

Solutions that enhance productivity

Sensient BioNutrients offers unique, protein-based products that provide essential building blocks, amino acids, peptides, minerals and vitamins that aid in cellular functions and growth. Our products are used as primary nitrogen sources or as supplements in media formulations in industrial fermentations. The composition of the fermentation medium is important because it directly affects the concentration and yield of the final product. Fermentation medium composition has been demonstrated to have a significant impact on the ease and cost of downstream product separation, for example, in the separation of products like enzymes, vaccines and antibiotics.

In commodity products, seasonal variability of inexpensive media components can substantially affect the economics of the overall process. Even with specialty products, customers look to media optimization solutions to make their processes more efficient, and thus more profitable. Our highly refined, low endotoxin, ultrafiltered products are ideal for cell culture applications.

The broad portfolio of Sensient solutions delivers higher value for our customers through better productivity, process efficiency and product quality.

Applications supported

  • Probiotics and Dairy culture
  • Enzyme production
  • Amino and organic acid manufacturing
  • Biofuels
  • Antibiotic production
  • Wine making
  • Vaccine production

Animal nutrition

Livestock, poultry and companion animals

Nutrition is extremely important in the economically volatile livestock and pet food industries. In the case of livestock production, up to 75% of the cost of producing one unit of milk, eggs or meat is assigned to feed. Any technology that can help producers to reduce the amount of feed needed to produce one of those units will have a dramatic impact on the profit of their operations. Feed efficiency can be defined as pounds of product produced per pound of dry matter consumed. Beef, swine, fish and poultry industries have used feed efficiency as a benchmark for profitability.

There are many factors that affect feed efficiency. Among the most relevant are:

  • Age
  • Body weight
  • Ration nutrient balance
  • Feed consumption
  • Intestinal tract integrity
  • Health status of the immune system

In the case of companion animals, feed must be appealing to pet owners and attractive enough flavors for pets to consume, but the ultimate goal is for it to provide the nutrients animals need to grow and stay healthy. Dogs, cats and horses are not that different from people when it comes to nutrition. Meats, vegetables and grains all can be a part of an animal's diet. But also like us, animals need balanced, moderately sized meals with flavor they can enjoy that fuels their activities, not large amounts of food that could result in the expansion of their waistlines and increased risk of diseases.

Flavors, fragrances, nutrient content and palatants are key factors that determine the amount and the frequency that a feed will be consumed. The best products will be formulated with highly digestible ingredients that provide the highest quality of these nutrients in an extremely palatable and flavorful format. Pet nutrition, including all the healthy additives to make a raw feed a valuable one, requires science, research, innovation, expertise and clinical trials to validate a product’s concept.

Sensient Bionutrients provides the animal nutrition industries with high-quality solutions and products to enhance the flavor, palatability and feed efficiency of these products. These are the factors that are relevant to feed companies, pet owners and livestock producers, and our innovative product portfolio has the capability of addressing their needs.

  • Purified beta-glucan and mannan oligos saccharides
  • Special proteins
  • Masking agents
  • Olfactory potentiators
  • Palatants
  • Natural flavors and fragrances
  • Customized solutions for different species

Plant nutrition and soil enrichment

Protein-based nutrients for diverse agricultural applications

Microbes play a crucial role in soil and plant health. Microorganisms can increase the nitrogen content of the soil, increase availability of key plant nutrients like phosphorous and produce antibiotics and other molecules that can protect plants from disease. The need for increased agricultural production has also resulted in a steep rise in the use of chemical fertilizers that can have serious environmental effects. Biofertilizers are gaining more attention as a means to provide nutrients to plants and improve soil structure without adding chemicals.

Biofertilizers or microbial inoculants are composed of microbes that have the potential to enrich the nutrient quality in the soil and enhance plant health and vigor. Our products provide nutrients to support the growth of naturally present and inoculated microles and provide nutrition directly to the plant.

Sensient Bionutrients' expertise in processing proteins from yeasts, dairy and vegetable sources delivers the optimal mix of peptides and amino acids for the following agricultural applications:

  • Soil enrichment for reforestation, revegetation and vegetation
  • Mineral chelation
  • Nitrogen source formulation with plant growth regulators, etc.
  • Nutrients to stimulate microbial growth in the rhizosphere and in leaf ecosystems

Technology-driven optimization for the BioNutrient and Animal Nutrition industries

Sensient BioNutrients provides unique, protein-based solutions for BioNutrient process optimization that minimize production variation, improve production cycle time, increase productivity and achieve performance improvements.

Fermentation and cell culture process optimization

The Sensient AmberFerm and Sensiferm product lines are used to improve biomass, reduce yield variation due to seasonal variability in commodity protein sources, and improve overall process time, reducing production capacity constraints for our customers.

Probiotic culture propagation

Sensient offers several product lines to dramatically improve the viability of lactic acid bacteria commonly used as probiotics during propagation, while enhancing viability after the spray-drying or freeze-drying process.

Diverse animal nutrition applications

Sensient combines real-life experience with cutting-edge technologies in the lab to develop customized solutions for diverse animal species from livestock to companion animals. These solutions enhance overall animal well-being through improving food palatability, gut integrity and feed conversion efficiency while still remaining flavorful.

Palatants and potentiators

Sensient’s animal nutrition team combines specific technical expertise with supply chain management in the areas of vegetable hydrolysates and flavors to develop palatant solutions for a broad range of animal species, while also catering to specific customer and end-consumer requirements.

Palatability enhancers, as the name indicates, are used to affect the flavor, smell and texture of foods to increase their acceptability to companion animals. Palatability is crucial for manufacturers to consider when formulating a nutritionally balanced pet food.

There are many ways to make food for companion animals more palatable. Sometimes a mere adjustment in acidity is enough to make the difference. Other times, high-intensity, savory-based palatants that use meat, marine, cheese and liver-based ingredients are used for enhancement purposes. Sensient’s line of palatability enhancers falls right in the middle of this continuum – they can be used either as the sole palatant or in conjunction with meat-based enhancers to provide the best value and palatability and flavor to a pet food formulator.

Yeast products form the core of our portfolio of palatability solutions. In addition to providing a non-specific meaty flavor profile, yeast products also enhance general savory and cheesy notes. However, a generic yeast product does not work in all applications. We understand the special requirements of low-ash diets, wet as compared to dry foods, baked biscuit and intermediate moisture treats. In order to maximize the impact of enhancement, Sensient has developed separate brewers’ yeast products for applications in a wide variety of pet food diets, treats and supplements to create the best flavor experience for your companion.

All our palatability enhancers are tested for efficacy through controlled feeding studies that measure first-bite preference and total pet-food consumption. Our products are available in several packaging formats. Usage is typically 1%-3% of the total pet food formula, depending on desired level of palatability.

In addition to our palatants, Sensient also has the capability to create high-impact flavors for use in pet foods and pet treats.

Biofuel process optimization

Sensient products can be used as a supplement to commodity raw materials to deliver higher and healthier biomass levels in the propagation tank prior to production, through reduction of the performance variability usually associated with commodity ingredients. The outcome is a “vital and healthy” yeast for superior ethanol production.

Unique technology solutions that deliver high value

Research and development capabilities

Sensient BioNutrients' team engages our customers to understand their challenges and tailor nutrient solutions to meet their diverse application needs:

  • Experienced research team with technical breadth and depth
  • State-of-the-art microbial facilities
  • Application expertise for optimal solutions
  • Partnership with operations for effective scale-up and production

Product quality assurance

Sensient BioNutrients' and Animal Nutrition’s Hoffman Estates, Illinois-based laboratory and global production facilities are well equipped for in-house analysis of incoming raw materials, outgoing finished products and analysis of customer samples if needed. This allows for consistent product quality and detailed product analyses, as well as design of solutions tailored to very specific needs.

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