With an experienced research team and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we can bring a broad portfolio of products to market.

Fueling business growth with BioNutrients

Business and Innovation leaders turn to Sensient BioNutrients for solutions as they bring innovative products to market with increased operational efficiencies. Our innovative nutrient solutions and application expertise, combined with packaging and delivery solutions, help them achieve their business objectives. Our nutrient solutions consist of a portfolio of yeast extracts and peptones that have a wide range of applications in the fermentation and nutritional supplement markets.

Who we serve

Our nutrient solutions have a wide range of applications in the fermentation and nutritional supplement markets. Our customers include producers of:

  • Live cultures that are used in probiotics, dairy and biocontrol applications
  • Fermented ingredients such as enzymes, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, biopolymers, alcoholic beverages and
  • Nutritional supplements used in animal nutrition and cosmetics industries

Nutrients for healthy microorganism

Our solutions are specifically designed to solve the growing challenges faced by fermentation experts. Every fermentation is unique - whether it is for the production of live cultures or for the production of fermented ingredients. The nutritional requirements of microbes can vary between and within species, and finding the correct mix of balanced nutrients can be challenging. We have extensive experience supporting the growth of numerous species and their strains including but not limited to Bacillus spp., Lactobacillus spp., Saccharomyces. spp., Aspergillus spp.

We offer yeast extracts and peptones for a wide range of applications with diverse nutritional needs supported with technical and regulatory documentation

  • Broad product portfolio that provides peptides, amino acids and other growth factors
  • Yeast derivatives and vegetable based peptones
  • Allergen-free options-Gluten, Dairy, Soy and others
  • Non-GMO, Animal Free, Kosher, Halal

Our team of application experts can collaborate with you in providing the optimal nutrients for your application defined by your success criteria, all through our:

  • State of the art R&D facilities
  • Deep microbial fermentation and animal nutrition expertise
  • Ability to recommend nutrients that drive success criteria: Increase yield and viability, reduce fermentation time and improve health

Our global supply chain and operations team can offer packaging and delivery solutions that meets your mission-critical production schedules with flexible ROI options

  • Presence in 35 countries in 6 continents
  • Packaging options based on volume and warehouse constraints
  • On-time delivery and customer service support

Is yeast extract natural?
Yeast extracts are nutrients that are derived from a living organism, yeast, that has been used to produce food and beverage products for more than a century. The steps of yeast autolysis and extraction are considered natural in almost all regions. However, we do advise that you confirm with your local regulatory institutions.

How does yeast extract differ from other nitrogen sources?
Yeast extract is defined as a complex media that contains not only different forms of nitrogen, but also other nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals that promote growth.

What is yeast autolysis?
Yeast autolysis is the process of using the naturally occurring enzymes, in concurrence with heat, to lyse the yeast cell wall and release the nutrients it contains.

Do you only provide yeast extracts?
In addition to yeast extracts we also provide vegetable and yeast peptones, enriched yeast extracts, yeast autolysates, whole dried yeast, and yeast cell wall.

Is your yeast extract organic? Non-GMO?
We offer Non-GMO and organic compliant options.

What if I already use yeast extract in my formulation?
We also offer vegetable and yeast based peptones. Supplementing yeast extracts with our peptones can increase the nutritional value of your formulation.

Do you manufacture your own products?
We have manufacturing plants in US and Mexico for BioNutrients products.

What makes your yeast extract unique?
Using our proprietary processing methods for the incoming raw material, we are able to produce a diverse range of yeast and yeast extract products. Each one of these products contains different nutrient profiles allowing for targeted optimization of microorganisms' growth media.

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