Our growing collection of natural flavors will help you bring original beverage concepts to market.

One sip is never enough

If your goal is to deliver great-tasting beverage products, then our goal at Sensient Beverage Flavors is to inspire and empower that process. Forward-thinking flavor innovation, valuable consumer insights, cutting-edge flavor technology and a collection of natural flavor extracts provide you with the tools to develop authentic, original beverage concepts that will keep your customers coming back for more.

As new trends emerge, manufacturers around the globe rely on Sensient Flavors to hit the mark, no matter how challenging the requirements may be.

Success in all segments

Sensient provides industry-leading flavor systems for the beverage market. Our extensive portfolio and unique technologies enable us to create innovative flavor solutions, ensuring exceptional taste experiences in any beverage segment.

Application expertise

  • Energy drinks
  • Flavored water
  • Juice-based drinks
  • Sports drinks

Technology sets Sensient Flavors apart

We strive to create flavor solutions for all your product development challenges, combining global technical expertise with local know-how to create an extensive range of innovative beverage solutions.

Technology platforms

  • Flavor Extracts

    True-to-nature flavor extracts will set you apart from your competitors. Explore Sensient Natural Origins®, our extensive product portfolio of citrus, spice, floral and specialty extracts that provide a flavor profile that offers an authentic “just-picked” taste experience.
  • Taste Modification Systems

    Our broad range of taste modification systems includes masking technology such as Smoothenol® 2G to reduce or eliminate negative product attributes such as bitterness, sourness and alcohol burn. Additionally, sweetness modifiers and enhancers such as All-Purpose Sweet Solutions™ (APSS) help reduce sugar and calorie levels or make high-intensity sweeteners taste more like sugar.
  • Mouthfeel Enhancers

    Attracting food-savvy consumers such as Millennials isn’t easy. Sensates, stimulating mouthfeel enhancers, work in concert with flavor systems to provide unique effects such as heating, cooling and tingling; they will set your finished beverage products apart from the competition.

Let us collaborate with you to innovate the next leading beverage concept or solve the most cumbersome beverage creation challenge.

Please visit our Innovations page to learn more about our technology platforms.

Our flavor predictions are renowned

Searching for trend-inspired, groundbreaking flavors? Look no further. Sensient’s consumer insights team continuously develops flavor predictions that are expected to hit the market in the next one to three years.

2014 Trends to Taste program

Our U.S. consumer-insights trends specialists have launched the sixth annual edition of the Trends to Taste (T2T) program. T2T is an in-depth, proprietary process used to identify the top flavors that will be embraced by customers, chefs and consumers. It uses structured, formal research and primary, grassroots market excursions to track, identify and predict top flavor and consumer trends that will affect product development for years to come. This year’s flavor list includes Burnt Calamansi, Fernet, Willamette Hop and many others.

  • Fruit Varietals

    Our PURE Varietal line of true-to-nature varietal fruits continues to grow and now includes varietal true-to-type, natural flavors from the apple, cherry, peach, mango and melon categories. PURE Varietal flavors add authenticity, complexity and originality to any beverage product.
  • Seasonal Flavors

    If seasonal flavors are your cup of tea, delve into our recently launched Seasonal Coffee & Tea Flavors. With flavor inspiration from The Nutcracker and the delicious airplane cookies Delta™ hands out, consumer palates are sure to be delighted this holiday season.
  • Beer and Cider Flavors

    In our efforts to evaluate leading trends in the alcohol market segments, we discovered a few flavors we could not keep to ourselves. The result: a recently launched program that highlights the Top 10 Global Flavors for Beer and Cider, which includes traditional flavors like varietal lemons, as well as some unusual flavors like tequila and black currant.
  • Energy Drinks

    Energy drinks are trending toward more natural offerings that often contain juice. We offer a selection of fruity, natural flavors for energy drinks that will enable you to target new customer segments.

We have top-flight facilities

Sensient Flavors offers a broad range of processing technologies with a variety of lab and pilot-scale equipment. The on-site pilot plant provides an opportunity to scale up products for larger evaluations and better simulation of plant processing.

Processing technology

  • Carbonation
  • Dry blending
  • Homogenization
  • Retorting
  • Small-scale brewing
  • Tablet forming
  • Tunnel pasteurization
  • UHT/HTST thermal processing
  • Spray drying, agglomeration, encapsulation

*Sensient Flavors Europe is able to provide compounds and RTD solutions; aseptic filling is also available.

We know what customers want

Looking for your next inspiration? The Sensient marketing team can provide you with valuable consumer insights that translate into innovative solutions.

Marketing and consumer insights

Our consumer insights team tracks, identifies and predicts up-and-coming consumer trends, providing key insights and predictions to help food and beverage manufacturers discover opportunities that offer new taste experiences. Our team is here to help you through concept ideation, market research and market segmentation while sharing our in-depth knowledge of consumer and flavor trends. Your success is our success.


Our on-site, fully-equipped sensory labs allow us to support customers with flavor matches, ingredient substitution, preference and descriptive studies. Our facilities include state-of-the-art tasting booths and upgraded, computerized data collection. Sensory scientists across the globe provide extensive knowledge and proven track records for conducting internal and external panels.

Research and development

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” This famous Henry Ford quote is a message we try to keep in mind here at Sensient. We know our customers are always looking for innovations to impress today’s educated consumers. Our long-term research team lead by PhD scientists continually researches consumer needs three, five and ten years out, giving you an edge that produces success.

Check out our Consumer Insights page to discover Sensient’s top flavor and consumer trends.

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