Consumers’ desire for new experiences reshapes the snacking landscape

By Roger Lane

Consumers’ desire for new and sophisticated experiences reshapes the snacking landscape

When it comes to snacks and snacking, the tried and true is being supplanted by the new and unique. Sometimes, however, those two can be merged in a way that finds significant audience appeal.

Take popcorn, for instance. This popular snack continues to do well in sales, and smart manufacturers are capitalizing on its existing market share by introducing new, healthier options to broaden appeal. By promoting non-GMO and no artificial ingredient products, they’re able to keep their market share — and even capture more.

Now, make it luxurious. By introducing colorful flavor enhancements, consumers’ desire to thread the needle between healthful and indulgent can be met. Sweet and spicy? Savory? These flavor moves, and the sophisticated repositioning behind them, are why snack sales continue to grow.

The ability to pair healthy living with exotic flavors benefits greatly from a global influence. From Nordic colors and flavors to the authentic, street heat of Asian and Caribbean cuisine, consumers are upping their snack spending on unusual, exotic tastes and textures that bring the world to them and yet still evoke healthy, mindful living.