Our promise: partnership every step of the way

From concept ideation to product launch, we partner with you every step of the way. This approach delivers complete product solutions built upon innovation, depth of market vision and creativity. Our value-added services help you excel in highly competitive markets and create products that appeal to today’s consumers. Our many support services are designed specifically to help you achieve your development goals and adhere to all client flavors and fragrance needs.

Leading innovation professionals are ready to help you develop your next masterpiece

Sensient Flavors and Fragrances regularly invests in advanced, innovative technologies. Our R&D staff of experienced flavorists, perfumers and application technologists is at your service, as is our Innovations team of experienced PhD and MS scientists who continuously research, develop and employ new technologies and novel ingredients to help you drive your company's growth and inspiration.

The Sensient Innovations team is focused on a wide array of technology platforms, including:

Creative culinary solutions

Sensient’s culinary team consists of industry experts who identify trends within the art of cooking and subsequently create “gold standard” flavor profiles, bringing trend analysis to life. Our culinary team also collaborates with our Savory, Natural Ingredients, Sweet and Beverage technical units, offering culinary innovation across all markets. Through ideation sessions and creative culinary nurturing, the seeds of inspiration are transformed into descriptive, innovative concepts ready for development.

Contact us today to find out how our award-winning chefs can help you create food and beverage solutions that enhance consumer taste experiences.

Advanced sensory analysis

Our sensory evaluation laboratories are strategically located throughout the world, featuring world-class tasting booths and computerized data collection services. Internal and external panels provide you with multi-dimensional flavor matching assessment, ingredient substitution and standardized map-testing parameters using consumer preference data.

Find the next big flavor

Our ongoing research and forecasting program provides you with industry trends that are not available anywhere else, and with tools to assist you in achieving your short-term and long-term product launch goals. Whether you’re looking to stay on top of consumer trends, to discover the next outside-the box flavor or simply for inspiration, our marketing teams are here to help. Check out our Consumer Insights page to discover Sensient’s top flavor and consumer trends.

Flavor and color optimization

How a product looks definitely has bearing on whether someone will pick it up off the shelf. Sensient is a multisensory company with in-depth knowledge of the relationship between color and flavor. That allows us to both grab the consumer’s attention, and then keep them coming back for more with a superior taste experience. For our customers, that means one-stop shopping when it comes to developing products – we can take care of flavor and color, saving time streamlining the process.

Regulatory matters

Sensient’s regulatory affairs group is your global solution for regulatory information. We stay abreast of regulatory matters by being active members in industry trade associations around the globe. We are committed to providing accurate information in a timely manner to aid our customers in addressing regulatory challenges and meeting their speed-to-market requirements. We offer fast turnaround of information by using software solutions to expedite products to the marketplace while ensuring regulatory compliance.