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Sensient Flavors and Fragrances Group, a unit of Sensient Technologies Corporation, is one of the world’s leading flavor and fragrance manufacturers.

Our goal is to inspire our customers in their efforts to deliver products consumers want, products that offer multi-sensorial experiences that are “just picked from nature”.

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Sensient News

October 15 2018

Capitalizing on the beer market’s generational changes

Beer has been everything from a dietary staple to an anchor beverage for parties for millennia. Accordingly, the beer ma

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August 20 2018

Permissible indulgence repositions consumer favorites

Our extremely connected and increasingly fast-paced lifestyles is having an impact on the way consumers collectively

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July 06 2018

Sensient Natural Origins® extracts capitalize on consumers’ interest

‘Clean label’ is the new global standard. People investigate their food and beverage choices more closely now, and they

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