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Sensient Flavors and Fragrances Group, a unit of Sensient Technologies Corporation, is one of the world’s leading flavor and fragrance manufacturers.

Our goal is to inspire our customers in their efforts to deliver products consumers want, products that offer multi-sensorial experiences that are “just picked from nature”.

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Sensient News

February 24 2020

Flavorful, non-alcoholic beverage options on the rise to meet market demand

Who doesn't love a good cocktail? About half of the global population, that’s who! For reasons that range from

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December 16 2019

Flavor Trends Worth Noting in 2019

Global ingredients and cuisine, new twists on comfort foods, creative combinations of the natural and the exotic

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August 23 2019

Sensient’s flavor trends become part of mainstream landscape

When we talk about “seeing the future,” it’s easy to think of fortune-tellers and crystal balls. They illustrate the art

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