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Our name communicates what we do: Enhance SENSory experiences through specialized ingredIENTs, delivered through proprietary TECHNOLOGIES.

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Dec 15, 2017 Meat + Poultry

Trending flavors for 2018

Sensient Flavors now offers a deep-fried flavor that comes without the frying. “Our deep-fried flavor is versatile in its application reach as the flavor adds a bready, fatty and crisp profile of products mimicking the flavors associated with eating a lightly fried food,” said Joshua Jackson, beverage applications technologist at Sensient Flavors and based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The deep-fried flavor fits into what Sensient Flavors calls a “healthy indulgence” approach. “Items with a healthy indulgence angle appeal to consumers who are overly stressed, which certainly isn’t relegated to any specific age or socioeconomic profile,” said Lauren Williams, global director of marketing at Sensient Flavors and based in Hoffman Estates. “This could look like a parent who has been running errands all day and wants to treat him- or herself to an alcoholic beverage or maybe a sugary or fatty treat.”

Dec 06, 2017 Baking Business

Seasonal or ethnic, natural flavors can play into any trend

Artisan bread can also get a lift with new bake-stable natural savory flavors from Sensient Flavors. Many in-store baked bread varieties contain herbs and spices for visual appeal, but flavors are often necessary to deliver the taste the consumer expects. “Parmesan garlic and Mediterranean olive oil flavors bring the right balance of indulgence to better-for-you bread,” said Sarah Diedrich, marketing associate at Sensient Flavors.

Dec 05, 2017 Dairy Foods

Frozen desserts balance virtue and vice

As more frozen-dairy formulators follow Halo Top’s lead, that’s the circle they’ll have to square. Or, as Matt Plaza, application technologist, sweet flavors for Hoffman Estates, Ill.-based Sensient Flavors, put it, “As the conversation shifts from weight loss to overall wellness, frozen dairy manufacturers are forced to balance decadence with the nutritional goals that their consumers seek.” Guilt-free indulgence has been on trend for a while, and indulgent flavors allow manufacturers to deliver on consumer expectations,” said Matt Plaza, application technologist, sweet flavors, Sensient Flavors, Hoffman Estates, Ill.