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Sensient’s innovative technologies create fresh, unique solutions tailored to meet the needs of today’s educated consumers. Our name communicates what we do: Enhance SENSory experiences through specialized ingredIENTs, delivered through proprietary TECHNOLOGIES. Sensient is in the business of innovation. All of our units emphasize technology-based products that provide a competitive advantage. We serve our customers by continuously delivering innovation and streamlined product-development expertise, helping them extend their existing brands as well as create new products.

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Jan 26, 2016 Beverage World

Inspired by Nature

Consumers are increasingly showing an interest in a more back-to-basics approach to what they eat and drink and are looking for food and beverages with simple ingredient lists. Essentially, there’s an ongoing consumer movement away from certain ingredients, namely artificial flavors and colors, preservatives, additives and heavily processed ingredients, and this is fueling growth for naturally sourced and organic ingredients.

Jan 25, 2016 Food Business News

Finding a flavor partner

Flavors are finding partners, but not on a romantic match-making web site. Food and beverage product developers are combining them in spicy, sweet and zesty ways. Sea salt is being paired with more than just caramel. Coconut water is providing multiple benefits in juice blends. Pumpkin, citrus and cinnamon are other potential partners in flavor formulations.

Transparency, It's What's for Dinner: Clean label's shift from trendy request to industry standard

Call it clean or clear label, the more ubiquitous clean label becomes, the more it moves out of the trend spot and into the hotspot of expectation—and this includes foods, beverages and supplements. Download INSIDER's Digital Issue, "Transparency, It's What's for Dinner: Clean label's shift from trendy request to industry standard" for a closer look at the top trends within the clean-label movement, the challenges associated with formulating and reformulating clean-label products, and what technologies and ingredient systems are making this transition easier.