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Sensient’s innovative technologies create fresh, unique solutions tailored to meet the needs of today’s educated consumers. Our name communicates what we do: Enhance SENSory experiences through specialized ingredIENTs, delivered through proprietary TECHNOLOGIES. Sensient is in the business of innovation. All of our units emphasize technology-based products that provide a competitive advantage. We serve our customers by continuously delivering innovation and streamlined product-development expertise, helping them extend their existing brands as well as create new products.

Recent News Articles

Feb 21, 2017 Food in Canada

Interest in International Flavors Fuels Interest in Spices and Seasonings

Sensient Natural Ingredients (SNI) makes its own Moroccan Harissa Blend that lends both flavour and a deep, redbrick colour to many dishes. The company agrees there is continued strong demand for ethnic flavour profiles, especially those from North Africa and the Pacific Islands. SNI Marketing manager Jean Shieh adds that a “green” trend is growing, with specific demand for green chili peppers, such as green Serrano chili pepper and New Mexico Hatch chili pepper, to bring fresh, green notes to sauces, salsas and snacks. “Herbs and spices are being used adventurously beyond savoury applications,” she says, “and we are now seeing beverages spiced with jalapeño, parsley or other green ingredients.”

Jan 03, 2017 Food Navigator - USA

Emerging Snack Trends in 2017

From sour and heat combinations to charred flavors and California garlic, Sensient Natural Ingredients outlines key flavor/ingredient trends to watch in the snacks category in 2017.

Jan 03, 2017 Food Processing

New Food and Beverage Products Reflect the Health Megatrend in Society

"In 2017, consumers who demanded clean labels, no chemicals and a shorter ingredients list will ask for clear traceability of where food ingredients come from," adds Jean Shieh, marketing manager at Sensient Natural Ingredients (, Turlock, Calif. "Our customers are calling out 'California Garlic' and 'California Onion' on their ingredients lists."