Fragrances Compounds and Ingredients

We engineer the sweet smell of success

Sensient Fragrances is a leading global manufacturer, offering product solutions with prominent technical and sensorial value based on strong expertise in the creation of distinctive fragrance compounds and fragrance ingredients.

We offer a full portfolio of essential oils and natural extracts and a variety of in-house aroma chemicals to leverage in the creation of customized fragrance compounds. Our strong technological capabilities combined with innovative edge and creativity give our customers additional value for their brands and products, unlike any other fragrance company.

We are always focused on the marketplace and on our customers, looking for tangible ways to add benefits with our top-notch creative teams and state-of-the-art fragrance technology.

New product development is a key element of our strategy. To that end, we have:

  • A product development steering committee with high-level corporate exposure
  • A strong pipeline, tracked with quarterly launch targets
  • A focus on fragrance delivery systems, regulatory and legal requirements and special functional odor effects