Consumer Insights

Our global experience helps our customers

Insights create great flavors. Throughout the year, our Sensient team of marketing, R&D and sales professionals collect information through five strategic channels: market excursions, custom and syndicated research, trade shows and publications, word of mouth and social media. The resulting data is analyzed utilizing deep immersion techniques to identify key insights, flavor profiles and concepts to share with customers. Sensient is committed to uncovering novel consumer insights that will grow our customers’ businesses.

Sensient’s Trends to Taste program is an in-depth, proprietary process to identify the top flavors that will be embraced by our customers, chefs and ultimately the consumer in the coming years. Our proprietary process filters trends from broad, consumer macro trends to finished concepts that best demonstrate each flavor profile. We encourage manufacturers to explore our annual guide and discover opportunities to offer consumer taste experiences.

Each month we launch insight-driven initiatives that deliver on relevant consumer, market and seasonal trends. The program includes relevant insights, as well as fully developed flavors and profile descriptions. Our goal is to proactively provide solutions for our customers with a reduced development time on our end, so they can be faster to market on their end.

This month we are highlighting the newest edition to our PURE Varietals brand, peach flavors! Taste for yourself and discover your peach flavor today.

Asian Flavors Kit: Comprised of authentic flavors of the Far East, the Asian Flavors Kit showcases our flavor innovations and global culinary expertise. Designed to help customers find optimal savory solutions, the kit features on-trend flavors including: Thai Style Lemon Sauce, Coconut Red Curry Sauce and Chinese Style Black Vinegar Sauce.

Hispanic-inspired beverage flavors: In order to collaborate with beverage manufacturers to create unique, in-demand and flavorful beverage products, Sensient Flavors’ industry experts have launched the following Hispanic-inspired flavors:

  • Strawberry Guava—Bright, fresh, sweet
  • Ginger Lime—Tart, fresh, warm spice
  • Chili Mango—Slight heat, juicy, sweet
  • Hibiscus—Lemony-tart, berry
  • Lemon Cherimoya—Tropical, citrus notes
  • Tangerine—Sour, juicy flesh
  • Horchata—Almond, cinnamon, cream
  • Pineapple Tamarind—Sweet, tart, juicy

Global Collaboration: Connecting with our partners across the world, we are able to draw unique insights from other markets that can benefit customers in their own markets. We compare behavior trends we are seeing across regions and industries. We share interesting products seen at trade shows and collaborate on authentic flavor development.

Recently launched, our Hispanic Flavors Kit was developed for varying degrees of acculturated Hispanic consumers who have left their roots in Central America to discover a new life. These consumers continue to seek food and beverage concepts that remind them of home.

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