We Bring Life to Products

Sensient Flavors and Fragrances Group is one of the world’s leading flavor and fragrance companies. Our goal is to inspire our customers in their efforts to deliver products consumers want, products that offer multi-sensorial experiences to drive brand excitement and increase sales.

The flavor and fragrance systems we develop are in many leading consumer products worldwide. Through a broad platform of flavor and fragrance technologies, we provide innovative products that lend a “just picked from nature” sensory experience.

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Sensient News

October 16 2014

SNI chili blends launch

Looking to heat things up this summer? Hot and spicy foods have been on an undeniable upswing for the past few years. Consumer demand for...  Read more

October 10 2014

Traveling the world without leaving your kitchen!

Today’s consumers are a worldly group. Thanks to technology, our ability to connect with nearly every part of the globe is as easy as...  Read more

October 03 2014

A bag-in-a-box for beer!

Kickstarter, the popular social media platform entrepreneurs are using to fund new projects, has a pretty hot project getting some big attention. The project: SYNEK,...  Read more